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  • Tsunami House Samples WAV MiDi-FLARE
    29 November 2020

    Tsunami House Samples WAV MiDi-FLARE

    Tsunami House Samples

    FLARE | 27 November 2020 | 579 MB

    It’s been a while since we’ve dropped some EDM packs, you wanted it… well you got it! Our newly expanded team of EDM producers put together this collection of the very best House sample packs we have ever made! We included a huge variety of kicks, snares, melodies, drop loops, and more that are perfect for 4 on the floor music.

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    • Apex: One Shots Samples Collection WAV
      29 November 2020
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Apex: One Shots Samples Collection WAV

      Apex: One Shots Samples

      FLARE | 27 November 2020 | 68.4 MB

      One shots have become increasingly popular in the producer community, especially as of late. VST’s can be super pricey and hard to get a hold of sometimes, and that’s where the beauty of melodic one shots really shine. This collection of both synth and instrument one shots emulates what a VST is capable of, without the headache of high priced software. Building full melodies from magesy download one shots has never been easier, and with this pack, there are so many different vibes and styles to play with.

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      • Crystals: Guitar Loops SAMPLES
        27 November 2020
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

        Crystals: Guitar Loops SAMPLES

        Crystals: Guitar Loops SAMPLES

        FLARE | 27 November 2020 | WAV:118 MB

        Some of the most popular songs of recent years have guitar based melodies, from magesy download artists such as Post Malone, Roddy Rich, Gunna, etc. This is well known among some of today’s biggest producers, and they are constantly incorporating guitars into their production for an authentic feel. But it can be difficult to learn how to play on your own, let alone record and process it to industry quality. So we put together this incredible pack of diverse guitar loops, so you can bring an authentic vibe into your music!

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        • Aura: Trapsoul Vocal Chops SAMPLES
          27 November 2020
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

          Aura: Trapsoul Vocal Chops SOUNDS

          Aura: Trapsoul Vocal Chops

          FLARE | 27 November 2020 | WAV:53.3 MB

          Vocal samples can really take a simple boring beat and turn it into something new and exciting. Aura is our latest collection of vocal chops, with many different vocal styles, all labeled by key and genre. Whether you want to create a catchy vocal harmony, sprinkle in some background vocals, or simply bring your track together… This collection has it all!

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          • Drill: Essential Drum Kit SAMPLES
            27 November 2020
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Drill Essential Drum Kit SAMPLES

            Drill: Essential Drum Kit

            FLARE | 27 November 2020 | WAV:294 MB

            This is our go to drum collection for producing heavy hitting Drill tracks! Inside you’ll find all of the essentials from magesy download sharp hi-hats, crisp snares, stomping kicks, heavy 808’s perfect for sliding, and much more. Not to mention, this kit pairs up perfectly with the Drill melodies from magesy download our new GEMS collection! So if you’re a producer who loves making hard hitting Drill beats, this one’s for you!

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            • Orchid: Foley Percussion WAV SAMPLES
              27 November 2020
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              Orchid: Foley Percussion WAV SAMPLES

              Orchid: Foley Percussion

              FLARE | 27 November 2020 | 108 MB

              There’s no question that foley textures can take an average beat and turn it into something special. Because sometimes the same old drum sounds can get boring, especially for an artist looking for something different production wise. And nothing sets a producer apart from magesy download the rest like interesting drums do… This pack of foley textures is perfect for taking your production to that next level, and really allows you to express your creativity with more freedom, while bringing your drums to life simultaneously.

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              • Dril Melodies MiDi WAV SAMPLES
                27 November 2020
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                Dril Melodies MiDi WAV SAMPLES

                Dril Melodies SAMPLES

                FLARE | 27 November 2020 | 339 MB

                One of the most popular genres of our GEMS series has easily become our Drill packs! And drill music, especially in the past few years, has become one of the most exciting sub-genres in Hip-Hop. With its unconventional drum bounce & heavy sliding 808s, Drill grabs the attention of the listener in a different way than your normal trap beat typically would. And this pack of premium Drill melodies pairs perfectly with those elements. With wavy and dark sounds that you’d hear from magesy download producer such as 808Melo, this collection has exactly the type of melodies you look for when making hard hitting drill music.

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                • Memories WAV MiDi ViNTAGE SAMPLES
                  23 November 2020

                  Memories WAV MiDi ViNTAGE SAMPLES

                  Memories WAV MiDi

                  FLARE | 23 November 2020 | 355 MB

                  .: ViNTAGE SAMPLES :.

                  There’s a certain thing that’s special about music from magesy download the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s… And over the past few years, we’ve built a huge collection of vintage analog gear. There is a certain warmth, emotion, and nostalgia that you get when you process sounds through this equipment. We’ve tried to do this with VST’s, but honestly it just doesn’t sound the same. We took that exact approach to put together this amazing collection of vintage style samples and recordings. Inside you’ll find 250+ samples, including the following: Drum & shaker loops, Over 50 synth/instruments one shots, Live recorded drum one shots, Ambient tape loops, Melodies inspired by the art of crate digging & much more!

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                  • DRG: Dual Rhythm Generator v1.0 MAX 4 LiVE
                    23 November 2020

                    DRG: Dual Rhythm Generator v1.0 MAX 4 LiVE

                    DRG: Dual Rhythm Generator

                    FLARE | 22 Nov 2020 | 444KB

                    ..:: MAX 4 LiVE ::..

                    What is DRG? DRG or Dual Rhythm Generator is a Max for Live device capable of generating clocks and rhythms that can be used with analog synthesizers and drum machines via control voltage. By using a combination of two clock generators and an optional boolean logic operator, DRG can generate anything from magesy download simple clock divisions to complex rhythms. DRG is great magesy torrent for clocking analog sequencers, triggering envelopes, sequencing drum modules and etc. DRG requires an audio interface with DC-Coupled outputs or an Expert Sleepers ES-3 / ES-4 / ES-40 module.

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                    • Studiorack VOCAL PRESETS
                      23 November 2020
                      Categories: Presets, STUDiORACK

                      Studiorack VOCAL PRESETS

                      Studiorack VOCAL PRESETS

                      FLARE | 22 November 2020 | 5.10MB

                      INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE IS THE HMD VOCAL PRESET AND 2TRACK PRESET. This preset works in any DAW that utilizes Waves studiorack no matter your DAW. Specifically to treat vocals. The plugins are specific to a few waves plugins from magesy download the gold bundle. Listed below are the plugins from magesy download the bundle required to run the studiorack at full potential.

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